Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Business 

Are you getting the best out of yourself? Are you getting the best out of your team or employees.

Coaching with me helps keep you motivated and taking action.


“Blind Spots”

You may think if you run a successful business or have a great plan too develop or great team why would you need coaching?

Coaching helps keep us accountable. Coaching helps us see the “blind spots”, the areas that can be developed and be grown but that we are too close to see, or are avoiding because of the fear of perceived “pain” addressing it would bring.

Coaching helps us to shine a light on “the lies we tell ourselves”. We all have a tendency to tell ourselves stories that either confirm or justify our actions and behaviour, or even results.

Coaching helps to address these habits and look at all the solutions that exist and options you can have to change your situation, to grow and move forward.



“Mindset” Coaching”

Entrepreneurs, particularly when starting out can find at times it’s a lonely road. It can seem to be difficult to keep focussed, particularly in the early growth stages when the ratio of effort to results can seem disappointing.

Coaching helps to not only keep you focussed and motivated, but to support you, encourage you and also keep you accountable.

As  entrepreneurs, there’s no one to make sure you do the things that will help you to keep growing and develop but that may seem hard, less fun or even daunting. Accountability coaching can help keep you on track.

Coaching helps by developing a “habit of  momentum”. When coaching you,  I will be your biggest cheerleader I will also however keep you accountable, and make sure you follow through and move forward.

Coaching with me helps you to take Positive Consistent Action and get the results you want, whether you are an established CEO, Entrepreneur or Manager.



“Coaching for your Team and Employees”

Helping your team to develop and grow adds to your business.

The benefits of retaining your team and investing in them, their productivity and happiness, far outweighs the downsides of the costs of hiring and training new employees who are unknown quantities.

Happy, motivated and staff who feel invested in and feel they are growing and developing too make your business.

Their dedication, happiness and effectiveness reflects on your top line, and your business growth.

It’s no surprise major corporations like Apple, Google, Facebook invest in their employees wellbeing and development.

I provide coaching, support and individual development coaching for teams and individuals.

Sometimes it may be to help a team member who is struggling, or it may be a continual service available to your team whenever they need it, or a structured program of development.

Coaching helps you and your business and team get the most out the opportunities before you and develop new possibilities.

I always ask “What’s possible”, and then “What’s just beyond that…?

Invest in you and your future by coaching with me.


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Coaching helps give you Options

Coaching helps you to get clarity on your options.

At times it can seem that we have too many or not enough options.

Gaining clarity about what you want and the options you have leads to you taking action.

Identifying the things you don’t or aren’t doing and the positive reasons you aren’t doing them and then helping change the focus to possibilities will give you options to choose the best way forward.



If you’re interested in working with Greg, contact him for an informal chat, to see how he can help.