I'm here to help people to change their lives.

Using unique modern approaches and combinations of methods, content free techniques, coaching sessions including rapid hypnosis to make changes.

To shape your Future, we don't need to keep going over the past.

What’s Stopping you?

We all reach points in our lives, where we feel stuck. We’re not moving forward or we’re not quite sure what action to take.

Coaching can help you stop feeling stuck, trapped or “in limbo” and get you moving forward.

Getting what you want

How many people truly know what they want? If they do “think” they know, how will getting what they want affect all the other areas of their lives?

Life Coaching or Personal Coaching can help people to discover what they want and plan how to get it.

Taking action

Without taking action nothing changes. May be you already know what you want, but where do you start?

Coaching can help you plan and set goals and outcomes, which allow you take the steps you need to get what you want.

Life Coaching

Success Coaching

Accountability Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Stress Management

Coaching and Hypnosis

Make the Change Now

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New Possibilities…

What do you want to change today?

What's holding you back ?

Personal Coaching or Life Coaching takes the form of a series of conversations that we have together During the conversations will work the conversation in a way that benefits the you, the "coachee", in terms of your learning and progress.

I will listen to you, with a real genuine curiosity to understand who you really are, what you think and how you experience your world. During our sessions I will encourage you to explore ways to overcome obstacles, rise to challenges, and take action.

What I will not do is instruct you to do something specific or give you "advice" for you as this would be taking responsibility and consequently power away from you.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Change!
  • Help identify what you want and the steps you need to get it
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved sense of direction and focus
  • Increased ability to handle change/stress/anxiety
  • Greater resourcefulness and resilience
  • Improved personal effectiveness
  • Improved ability to influence and relate to others
  • Increased self awareness and knowledge of self

Business, Entrepreneur and Corporate Coaching

I also work with businesss, entrepreneurs and companies to provide coaching for executives and employees to help the "bring their best selfs" to their work. Find out more about business mindset coaching and executive coaching here.

Confidential - Our discussions will remain completely and totally confidential as our relationship is based on trust and openness.

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